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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

The housekeeper must be as bored as I am, with all these April showers. She's taken to writing silly poetry. I did see a Robin who seemed happy with it. He was splashing around and singing in the shower!! I think his name is Caruso. Here's the housekeeper's poem:

Rain, rain, go AWAY!
Spot and Sabrina want to play.
They eat and request that I open the door,
then back off and frown at the ‘wet’ they abhor.

Enough of Sky weeping,
and Me puddle-leaping!
Lights on and cats sleeping
on the sofa all day!

Enough flashing and rumbling!
Clouds griping and grumbling!
And sturdy oaks tumbling!
Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

Save some for MAY!
Today is SUN-day!

Well, maybe this afternoon…..???

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