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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hi, my name is Spot. Welcome to my blog!

This is my blog, so I can do as I please here, and it pleases me to do what I do best. That of course, is sleep. I practice it a lot, along with my other field of expertise: eating. I am proud of the fact that, though I don't care much for people food, I have never found a cat-food I didn't like, and happily polish off anyone's leftovers, even 'encouraging them to abandom the bowl prematurely'.

This is my friend, Sabrina, whose house I have confiscated as my own. As you can see, she frowns a lot, and is quite bossy, impatient, and demanding, but nevertheless tolerates my presence.
Jock lives next door, 'in the big house'. He's a very jolly, active character.  He's absolutely certain he was the model for the Jock in the movie, Lady and the Tramp.
Velvet in the newest resident next door in the 'big house'. She's not all grown up yet, and so big and rambunctious, I sometimes avoid her. Actually, I moved out of that house when she got to be so much bigger than me. Sharing it with Wicket and Jock was ok, but a guy needs his sleep, and it's much quieter in my new place.
And here's Wicket. She is the aged queen of her household in 'the big house'. She's rather easily forgiven if she gets a bit crabby, for after all, she has shouldered that responsibility for 17 years, now.
And so, now you have been introduced to my circle of friends.  I think it's time to sit and relax for a while. Maybe a good book will do it.

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