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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I was only trying to help!

 Here's how to turn a drapery panel into a slip cover:
(According to Mom, a few years ago)

Let the cat out. Remove hems from drape. Let the cat in.
Lay drape on chair. Remove cat from drape on chair.
Take drape off chair. Remove cat from chair.
Place drape on chair wrong side out.
Pin and cut, till drape fits chair just right, on one side.
Remove cat from chair. Mark seam lines with pencil.
Remove drape from chair.
Remove what pins the cat has not already removed for you.
Fold fabric, lay it on floor, and cut other side to match.
Throw cat outside. Close the door. Sew up cover.
Let cat in. Close door. Try cover on chair. Remove cat.
Put cat out. Close door. Restitch finishing touches.
Ignore cat swearing outside.
Make pillow for chair. Correction: for the cat. Give up.
Leave door open. Freeze while dressing for work.
Accept purring cat on chair pillow as approval.
(I was only trying to help!!)

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